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The A3D family business is a young company that designs ergonomic and practical equipment that meets the needs of riders looking for comfort and performance in navigation.


Our manufacturing is done in our own workshop in Six-fours by the sea, this allows us to test our products directly on the water, but also on our test bench measuring the maximum resistant load, so all our tests are beneficial to guarantee the efficiency and quality of an Artness product.

Artness is adaptable to any type of sail, several experienced riders like Flora ARTZNER or Thomas GOYARD have tested it and immediately adopted our product for its effectiveness!


Laurent Artzner

Passionate Rider and Engineer.

Creator and designer of Artness.

Laurent is an inventive perfectionist who analyzes a need and designs technical solutions!

Paul Artzner his son.

Rider and commercial of A3D.

Co-creator, he helps develop the product and the brand.

Paul is passionate and leaves nothing to chance, efficient and lively, he goes straight to the point!

Jeanine Artzner.

Responsible for logistics and administration.

Jeanine is organized and pragmatic, she has an eye for detail.

A need ? A request for information?

We continue to want to meet the needs of riders to further develop this type of equipment, do not hesitate to contact us for specific or technical requests.

We remain attentive and attentive to your needs!

The A3D team.